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Individual Therapy

Are you experiencing persistent feelings of sadness, anxiety, or overwhelm that are interfering with your daily life? Do you find it challenging to manage stress or navigate significant life changes? Are you grappling with unresolved trauma or difficult past experiences that continue to impact your well-being? Are you struggling with relationship issues or a sense of isolation? If so, therapy is a space to explore these challenges, receive support, and develop effective coping strategies.  

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How I Work

My therapeutic style is deeply rooted in the principles of humanistic, holistic, and relational therapy, as I believe everyone has the innate potential for growth and self-actualization. Understanding that a strong therapeutic alliance is crucial for healing and progress, I prioritize building trust and rapport to create an environment of safety in the therapy room. I approach my clients with respect, empathy, and compassion, while also being down to earth, direct, and honest. Given we all have a deep need to be seen and heard, I endeavor to truly understand people's experiences, emotions, and perspectives. I also incorporate practical aspects, equipping clients with evidence-based, tangible tools and strategies to navigate challenges. I am passionate about helping people have deeper and healthier relationships with themselves and others, and leveraging change to create lives of deeper meaning and fulfillment. 


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Relationship Issues

I offer support and guidance to address unhealthy relationship dynamics with family of origin, friends, and colleagues. Interventions focus on improving communication, understanding interactional patterns, and creating healthy connections. My goal is to help you create strong, positive relationships to help you thrive.

Life Transitions

Life transitions can be exhilarating, challenging, and even overwhelming at times. Whether it's starting a new job, moving to a different city, or navigating a major relationship change, these transitions can evoke a mix of emotions and uncertainties. I'm here to help you navigate those uncertainties, develop healthy coping strategies, and foster resilience as you learn to embrace your new circumstances.

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We spend the majority of our waking hours at work, yet it can be difficult to find a space to explore the challenges we encounter there. I provide that space and can also assist you in aligning your work with your purpose. Using a coach approach, I will help you discover tools and resources to achieve your career goals and attain a greater sense of fulfillment.

People Pleasing/ Boundaries

Our culture is steeped in codependency. Fortunately, there is a growing awareness around its destructiveness. I'm passionate about helping people learn to set healthy boundaries and break free from patterns of people pleasing. We'll work together to identify and understand the roots of these issues, develop techniques to manage your behavior in a healthier, more sustainable way, and to cultivate a relationship with your authentic self.

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